Omar Rajeh/Maqamat (Beirut) & Maha Dance Group (Teheran)

„Zaafaran“ is a touching contemporary dance piece from a country in which dance is officially prohibited. It shows the human need to move, to express oneself, to create. At the same time, it secretly speaks of love, desire and seeking others.

In 2015, the Lebanese choreographer Omar Rajeh was invited to Tehran to create a piece with the local Iranian dance company MaHa. „Zaafaran“ (English: saffron) was developed on the basis of personal impressions that Rajeh collected in Tehran. Saffron is a central ingredient in Iranian cuisine. In the Near East, one always directly connects this spice with Iran. In this work, Rajeh focusses on the idea of sacrificing oneself; it is a concept that he sees as being deeply anchored in eastern cultures. They dance on a Persian rug – a rich floor, flooded in past memories.