Art for those who didn't ask for it!

The CHOREOGRAPHIC CAPTURES art project was initiated under this motto by JOINT ADVENTURES. The goal of CHOREOGRAPHIC CAPTURES is as simple as it is ambitious: to use unconventional means to increase people's awareness of the art forms of film, dance and choreography. The choreographic short films should surprise their audience at different locations where they are least expected.

The focal point of the project is the international CHOREOGRAPHIC CAPTURES competition. This competition is held once each year. JOINT ADVENTURES is inviting international choreographers, dancers, film and (multi-)media artists to develop new aesthetic approaches and visual languages for choreography and film in a 60-second ad format.

The project's website also serves as an interactive platform for a large circle of interested parties. It is meant to give this art form space for artistic input, exchange, networking and presentation, and to advance the interaction between choreography and media art.


CHOREOGRAPHIC CAPTURES is a project of JOINT ADVENTURES - Walter Heun in the context of ACCESS TO DANCE in cooperation with Das