Since this January, the 5 winning clips of the previous International CHOREOGRAPHIC CAPTURES competition went to the cinemas throughout Germany and Switzerland. For one year, they are shown in the series of advertising clips prior to the feature film and surprise the film audience where they don't expect it – "Art for those who didn't ask for it!".

Manon Siv Duquesnay & Pere Joseph Vilaplana (FR/ES/DK) "Xiuxiuejar" (1st prize)
Doris M. Würgert (DE) "an exploratory experience"
(2nd prize)
Christos Xyrafakis & Andi Xhuma (GR) "SinkUp"
(3rd Prize)
Shumpei Nemoto (JP) "AS60" (3rd prize)
Jamie Lee & Stanislav Dobak (AU/SK/BE) "Escape"
(3rd prize)

The cinema operators are free to choose when and at which point he/she wants to present which film(s).