MOVING MOVIES - Film/ Art/ Video in Choreography

The CHOREOGRAPHIC CAPTURES competition led to the development of a new artistic format. CHOREOGRAPHIC CAPTURES – 60-second (max.) filmic miniatures – experiment with the unlimited possibilities of film and choreography and establish a new genre after dance video. Animation, stop-motion, video editing and compositing meld with choreographic strategies. Cineastic-media confrontations with new choreographic approaches result from the combination of film, art, video and choreography; they irritate the audience's view of film and choreography as art forms and open its eyes for a choreography of images. In the context of MOVING MOVIES, selected CHOREOGRAPHIC CAPTURES have been presented for the first time in a four-week exhibition at the Villa Stuck last year.

Together with the opening of the exhibition MOVING MOVIES on November 25, 2014 the winners of the 6th CHOREOGRAPHIC CATPURES AWARDS were awarded at the Villa Stuck.