Spaces of potential for choreography in art - performance - dance

As an hommage to Dan Flavin's "UNTITLED (FOR KSENIJA)", an expansive light installation at the Kunstbau, a series of performances such as works of American postmodern dance and new contemporary pieces will be staged at the Kunstbau this summer.

The Lenbachhaus and JOINT ADVENTURES will organize a variety of formats of presentation and reflection to survey the new modes of artistic work and perception evolving beyond the bounds of the defined disciplines in art, with a particular view to the role of the choreographic register. The point of departure for this collaborative project is a key moment in the histories of dance as well as art: the Judson Dance Theatre (1962 – 1964), where visual artists and choreographers set up a multiyear laboratory in which they explored the boundaries between the disciplines.

After the Judson Dance Theater's ideas and concepts were introduced, dance was no longer what it had been. Dance opened itself for the first time to discoveries in unusual aspects of daily life, and it was liberated from any connotations of content. The objective was the creation of pure movement and/or movement series – beyond the classical performance context established by the "theater". Works were created in exhibition spaces and in public space – often in close collaboration with visual artists. Since then, a form of choreographic art has been practiced that can be considered with, through and independently of the performing body. The Judson Dance Theater's research removed the limits for choreographic spaces of potential in the arts: Dance at Judson and on and on and on ...

Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus in cooperation with JOINT ADVENTURES – Walter Heun


Trisha Brown Dance Company (US)
"Early Works"


Steve Paxton (US)
"Bound (1982) with Jurij Konjar"

Noé Soulier (FR)
"Movement On Movement"

Siobhan Davies Dance (UK)
"Table of Contents"

Rosemary Butcher (UK)
"New Work"