Workshops 2007

Jennifer Bury (US): Sensing Movement
Nigel Charnock (GB): Love and Death – Physical Theater
David Colas (FR): Hip-Hop
Stefan Dreher (DE): Yoga
João Fiadeiro (PT): Critical Zone: An Introduction to Real-Time Composition
Aiga Keller (DE): Contemporary Dance for Young People
Kurt Koegel (US/BE): Movement Technique/Contact Improvisation
Andrea Marton (DE): Contemporary Dance for Children
Peter McCoy (US/DE): Contemporary Dance – Technique and Choreography
Jeremy Nelson (US): Contemporary Dance Technique
Dr. Liane Simmel (DE): Inside out – Der Körper in Bewegung
Katja Wachter (DE): Contemporary Dance
Bertha Bermudez (ES)/ Chris Ziegler (DE): Contemporary Dance and Interactive Installation: Double Skin/Double Mind – Forest

Performances 2007

João Fiadeiro (PT): I Was Here
Thomas Hauert/ ZOO (CH/BE): Modify
Anna Konjetzky (DE): TransKali
Àngels Margarit/ Cia. Mudances (ES): Solo por placer
New Art Club (GB): This Is Modern
Cie Felix Ruckert (DE): Water Music
Showing des Workshops von Chris Ziegler/ Berta Bermudez (DE/ES): Meet you in the forest