Workshops 2008

Iñaki Azpillaga (ES/BE): Dynamic Changes – Contemporary Dance
Patricia Bardi (US/BE): Physical Voice in the Moving Body
Stefan Dreher (DE): Yoga
Dieter HeitkampNorbert Pape (DE): Contact Improvisation
Aiga Keller (DE): Contemporary Dance for Young People
Aiga KellerAlina Keller (DE): Hip-Hop for Kids 
Andrea Marton (DE): Contemporary Dance for Children
Jeremy Nelson (US): Contemporary Dance Technique
Niako (FR): Hip-Hop
Chisato Ohno (GB/JP): Movement Research – Contemporary Dance
Annerose Schmidt (DE): Contemporary Dance for Boys
Dr. Liane Simmel (DE): „Kinetic Knowledge“ – The Body in Motion
Oleg Soulimenko (RU/AT): Improvisation in Performance
Katja Wachter (DE): Contemporary Dance

Performances 2008

Simone Aughterlony (CH/DE): The Best And The Worst Of Us
Jonathan Burrows/ Matteo Fargion (GB/IT): Trilogy – BOTH SITTING DUET (2002), THE QUIET DANCE (2005) und SPEAKING DANCE (2006)
Cristina Caprioli (SE): very very
Anna Konjetzky (DE): concertstudies
Soulimenko/ Nelson/ Pape/ Wachter/ Dreher: Teacher’s Time