Workshops 2015

Jonathan Burrows (UK)/ Matteo Fargion (IT/UK) Writing Performance
Lisbeth Gruwez (BE) / Maarten Van Cauwenberghe (BE) Dive into the Unknown
Rasmus Ölme (SE) Generative Choreography
Noé Soulier (FR) Displaying Actions

Ori Flomin (IL/US) Contemporary Class + The Individual and the Group
Charlie Morrissey (UK) From the Ground Up – Adventures in Contact Improvisation + Invitation and Availability
Bosmat Nossan (IL) Gaga / Dancers
Felix Ruckert (DE) Liquid Body / Hard Stuff
Milan Tomášik (SK) Happy Feet
Katja Wachter (DE) Contemporary Dance

Stefan Dreher (DE) Yoga
Veronica Fischer (DE) Feldenkrais Intensive

Performances 2015

Jefta van Dinther (SE/DE) As It Empties Out
Doris Uhlich (AT) more than naked
Mette Ingvartsen (DK) 69 positions
Felix Ruckert (DE) Zen spanking – Playing with impact and impulse
Simone Aughterlony (CH/DE)/ Antonija Livingstone (CA/DE)/ Hahn Rowe (US) Supernatural
Lisbeth Gruwez/ Voetvolk (BE) It's going to get worse and worse and worse, my friend.
Jonathan Burrows (UK)/ Matteo Fargion (UK/IT) Both Sitting Duet & Body Not Fit For Purpose
Helena Franzén (SE)/ Ori Flomin (IL/US) Meeting You
Charlie Morrissey (UK) On Off

Symposium 2015: Dispositives of the Body

Haus der Kunst

The point of departure at the symposium was the body seen as a dispositive - as a space for negotiating artistic and social issues. What is the potential of the body? How is it being reflected by philosophy in Western and Eastern traditions of thought? What is its potential for action in the political arena? How is the body seen in the choreographic practice, as material, as a medium, as an archive of choreography, as dispositive of gender issues, as a space opening potentials of the choreographic, and many more.

With lectures by > Arno Böhler (Philosopher/ filmmaker, Vienna), Gerko Egert (Lecturer dance/ cultural studies, Berlin), Sandra Noeth (Lecturer dance/ curator, Berlin), Noé Soulier (Choreographer/ dancer/ philosopher, Paris)