Together with the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich, every year since 1991 JOINT ADVENTURES has organized TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA – a workshop for new ideas and aesthetics in contemporary dance and performance and hot spot for choreographers, teachers and professionals – for all people who take great delight in dancing. The audience comes from Munich, Bavaria and the whole world.

Summer Dance Classes for professional & amateur dancers

Every summer, TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA offers a high-quality summer dance workshop program for all people who take great delight in dancing.

Besides contemporary dance and special repertory classes for every level there are choreographic labs for professional dancers and choreographers. They give valuable insights into important current working methods and are also an inspiration to work on your own choreographic material.

To relax the body we offer various body work classes in Feldenkrais, Yoga or Tai-Chi Dao-Yin.

The final lecture demonstration surprises audiences every year at the close of the TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA with a remarkable quality. Participants and instructors present the results from their workshops and labs.

In the past years, important dancers and choreographers such as Jérôme Bel, Quim bigas, Jonathan Burrows, Boris Charmatz, Laurent Chétouane, Gill Clarke, Hildegard De Vuyst, Matteo Fargion, Lisbeth Gruwez, Stefan Kaegi, Xavier Le Roy, Noé Soulier, Constanza Macras, Meg Stuart or Kris Verdonck.


TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA is presenting every summer a high-class performance program showing important current artistic positions from throughout the world. This year our guests have been:

Louise Lecavalier “Battleground”
Zsuzsa Rószavölgyi “1.7”
Sabine Glenz “Rhizom”
Louise Vanneste “Gone in a heartbeat”
Cie.Willi Dorner “one”
Noé Soulier “Faits et gestes”

Theory & Exchange

Since 2011, the theoretical framework at TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA has been set by a two-day symposium in which well-known scientists and theoreticians address questions about artistic practice in choreographic art.

the date

The next edition takes place from July 31 to August 10, 2019 in Munich.

Who’s next?
Open Stage

For one evening, we opened again the Muffathalle’s stage for selected artistic contributions by this year’s TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA participants. In this Open Stage, they were given the opportunity to show their pieces or choreographic material to Munich’s audience:

Cindy Hammer
Kathrin Knöpfle
Dominika Murcková
Dan Mussett & Laurent Delom
Alexandra Paal & Orla Regan
Cary Shiu
Mooni Van Tichel