Flora Détraz
“Muyte Maker”

August 4
20.30 H
Schwere Reiter


18,-/10,- EUR

The French-Portuguese choreographer Flora Détraz will be for the first time in Munich with a guest performance. The scenery of her work "Muyte Maker" is recalling the medieval imagery of a Hieronymus Bosch: Four women are sitting lined up at a table and are fixed in their place by their artistically woven braids decorated with apples and leaves as if by puppet strings. Through an exploration of medieval images, trivial ditties and grotesque paintings, Muyte Maker celebrates disobedient and irrational bodies. Flora Détraz draws on the full complexity of bodily expressions and shows femininity as a potential that is constantly in metamorphosis. In a humorous and overwhelming work, she celebrates the irrepressible power of joy that defies the rigid rules of morality and ethics.

Production: PLI
Coproduction: Ramdam-un centre d'art – Lyon, CCN de Caen, direction Alban Richard, Pact-Zollverein, L'Avant-scène, Cognac, La Place de la danse CDCN Toulouse – Occitanie, le réseau des Petites Scènes Ouvertes, CHOREGE – Relais Culturel Régional du Pays de Falaise, Festival Alkantara
Residencies: Les Eclats chorégraphiques – La Rochelle, Alkantara – Lisbonne, O Espaço do Tempo – Montemor-o-novo
Muyte Maker was supported by Région Normandie (aide à la maquette & aide au projet) and by DRAC Normandie (aide au projet).

This guest performance is kindly supported by Institut français and the French Ministry for Culture/ DGCA.