Noé Soulier
“Passages” & “Fragments”

August 2
20.30 H



20,-/12,- EUR

Noé Soulier constantly questions gesture as a material for thought and dance anew in his choreographies. He dissects the evocative power of movement and is also interested in its imperfections and absences: Gestures that suggest more than they show. He always adapts his work „Passages“ to site-specific conditions. Here, in silence, a choreographic score unfolds in fragments based on a common movement vocabulary. This results in a series of choreographic modules of high precision.

Afterwards we will show Soulier‘s short film work „Fragments“. In it, he reverses the usual relationship between dance and camera.

Production: Centre national de danse contemporaine CNDC (Angers)
Coproduction: Monuments en mouvements – Centre des monuments nationaux; Atelier de Paris/ CDCN