Salma Salem
“Anchoring” &
Synda Jebali
“À la recherche”

August 3
20.30 H


18,-/10,- EUR

Salam Salem lives and works as a freelance artist in Cairo. Her solo “Anchoring” attempts to reclaim the body as a subject of political power. Salem explores concepts of the political body with a ritualistic approach, directing her focus on the womb as a political organ. Salem’s work celebrates the nature and strength of the womb, which has the capacity to endure, absorb, create, and grow.

“À la recherche” by dancer and video artist Synda Jebali is an artistic protocol she has been developing since 2018. It uses dance at the intersection of music and video to reflect multidisciplinary freedom of movement. The project is based on a dynamic, participatory experience that involves multiple artists and is translated into a 25-minute performance. “À la recherche” questions boundaries in interaction with the audience.