Utopien des Zusammenlebens

August 2, 2020
14.00 H
Institut français Garden

Entrance free of charge
Admission from 13.00 h

In 2020, questions about vicinity and distance in communities, but also about living together in concrete physical and spatial terms, have been gaining in relevance. Not only because of the Corona virus, but also due to newly raised issues of racist violence, inclusion and exclusion, and the control of public space. What relationship should vicinity and distance have to one another in our lives as a society? How can we shape our future together? Does this “we” even exist? And what influence do architecture, dance and performance have on our lives together? These and other questions will be explored in the “Utopias of Community Life”, which will be organized by JOINT ADVENTURES – Walter Heun in the context of Tanzwerkstatt Europa 2020.

The lectures will be interrupted by the roughly seven-minute piece “Fugue” by the French choreographer Yoann Bourgeois.


14.00 h Welcome by Thomas Vautravers, Director Institut français and Walter Heun, Artistic Director TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA and JOINT ADVENTURES

14.10 h Van Bo Le-Mentzel (Architect, author, teacher, "karma economist" and founder of several initiatives between social participation, education and design): “Circular Cities” (EN)

15.00 h Yoann Bourgeois “Fugue Trampoline”

15.10 h Hannan Salamat (Head of Islamic Studies at the Institute for Interreligious Studies Zurich and intercultural mediator): “Gesellschaft 2.0” (DE)

16.00 h Yoann Bourgeois “Fugue Trampoline”

16.10 h Lola Fonsèque (theatre maker, queer activist and curator): “A FUTURE OF RAGE, A VANDALIZED UTOPIA” (EN)

17.00 h Yoann Bourgeois “Fugue Trampoline”

17.10 h Joana Tischkau (choreographer and performer, works on postcolonial theories in artistic practice): “Impossible Relationships” (EN)

18.00 h Yoann Bourgeois “Fugue Trampoline”

18.10 h Beate Absalon (PhD student of cultural aesthetics and cultural theory of prof. Iris Därmann): “Perhaps we could live happily together with the right distance” (DE)

19.00 h Yoann Bourgeois “Fugue Trampoline”

The symposium will take place in the Institut Français garden. The audience will receive picknick blankets that are an invitation to enjoy any food and drinks you bring with you while also guaranteeing the adherence to currently applicable minimum social distancing requirements.

Supported by: Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München, Institut français und das französische Ministerium für Kultur / DGCA