In addition to the workshops and performances the symposium sets a theoretical framework at TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA in which well-known scientists and theoreticians address questions about artistic practice in choreographic art. In lectures, workshops and discussions, questions about theories, concepts or aesthetics in contemporary dance are raised and investigated. The format is directed at professional dance and theater practitioners as well as researchers, critics, students and a general public. Its objective is to introduce an interested public to differentiated theoretical questions in open and free lectures and to sensitize the audience for approaches to contemporary dance.

Bodies in transition
The migration of physical concepts between (escape)movement and digitalization 

If the body 2.0 was still science fiction a short while ago, its digital possibilities have become more concrete or even reality in many areas. Our present day is becoming more and more determined by digital technologies that change the human body and its relationship to time and place. Smartphones or VR glasses blur the borders between the digital and analogue more and more; they cause a fundamental change in our way of communicating. Robots, protheses and artificial intelligence may still be in an early stage, but in comparison, the human body already seems like an obsolete model. The constant increase in global mobility enables us to transcend borders that are determined by such parameters as nationality, sovereignty and normality – seemingly limitless in the digital net, for many limited only by geopolitical contexts. What do these digital delimitations mean for the human body in the context of contemporary choreographic practice?

With Sandra Noeth(DE), Sophie Wennerscheid(BE) a.o.

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