Esther Balfe
“The Instrumentalist”

August 1 – 5
14.00 – 16.00 H
Studio A
In English


As a former dancer with William Forsythe‘s company for over a decade, Esther Balfe explored extensively strategies for producing different outcomes within ones own artistic movement canon. In this vibrant compositional and score building class, participants will explore an array of strategies for connecting and relating to one another.

The aim is to bring the learnt components together by devising and allowing use of other principles of ordering and considering other outcomes, and subsequently what emerges is the facilitated development of movement without being prescriptive. Together, we will find other solutions to our habitual movement plethora by assigning both implicit and explicit tool building skills.

Recognising todays need for performers and dancers to find ones own artistic autonomy, therefore much attention is placed on taking time with each artist in the view of searching for a legitimate language. Additionally, exploring and getting to grips with fixed repertoire structures or phrases, participants will play and create systems for improvisation.

This workshop is for dancers of all levels with a good grasp of contemporary dance and can involve interaction, i.e partner work.