Jess Curtis &
Gerald Pirner
“Audio Description Training”

July 27 – 31
9.30 – 14.00 H
Studio B
In English


Audio Description provides blind and visually impaired people with access to the visual elements – action, costumes, settings, gestures, facial expressions, objects and other visually communicative elements – of e.g. theatre, dance or live art performances, television/film screenings, museum exhibitions. Audio Description is usually a live audio track spoken by a professional Audio Describer to patrons with visual impairments through a wireless headset system, but the service may also be pre-recorded. Clear and engaging descriptions of the meaningful visual details of a performance that might otherwise be inaccessible to audience members with visual impairments are provided. Ideally participants have good verbal/vocal skills, are familiar with dance, theatre and performance in general and are comfortable with improvisationally describing live performance in real time without a set script. Choreographer, performer and scholar Jess Curtis has given workshops in Audio Description practice internationally for performers, dancers and actors. Gerald Pirner is a Blind photographer, art critic and expert in extra-visual access for performance. They work together since 2019.