Jurij Konjar
“Dynamics of Dialogue”

August 2 – 6
09.30 – 14.00 H
Studio B
In English


This year marks the 50th anniversary of Steve Paxton’s performance „Magnesium“, which set off what became known as Contact Improvisation (CI). Since then, the ideas and forms of this technique have been irreversibly woven into the tissue of contemporary dance. CI has been ceacelessly researched, developed and taught. Today, it has much to teach us: About communication through touch, sensing, and letting go. About reacting at the speed of reflexes. About working with (and against) gravity, the relationship with the floor, guiding a fall, the recuperation of energy. About giving and receiving weight, dancing with one or more partners. About building a trustworthy, respectful and functional relationship, while still keeping it playful. In his workshop, Jurij Konjar, who has colaborated with Steve Paxton for several years, takes a physical approach. Opening up for sensation and the not-knowing, participants will train their body to save itself. They’ll work with the fall, the giving and taking of weight, peripheral vision. The not-knowing will become our comfort zone.

Jurij is a slovenian artist working in the field of dance. In 2009, an in-depth observation of Steve Paxton’s „Goldberg Variations“ video triggered what became an improvisation practice and provided a basis for a rich on-going dialogue. Collaborating with Steve Paxton (2010-2016), he has performed his works „Bound“ (1982), „Flat“ (1964) and „Quicksand“ (2016), as well as staged „Satisfyin‘ Lover“ (1967). In 2014, he has launched Habitat, a nomadic working space for process-oriented practices. He’s been practicing and teaching CI since 2012.