Lara Maurermeier
“The Art of Preparation: Functional Warm-Up & Stretching Techniques“

August 7 – 11
9.30 – 11.00 H
Studio C
All Levels
In English/German


Lara Mauermeier lives in Munich and teaches dance, body awareness, fitness, rythmics, yoga and Pilates. Her morning class prepares you for your workshop day in the best possible way. Lara shows you different methods to warm up the whole body. You can expect strengthening and stretching sessions that activate the muscles and improve flexibility. Stretching techniques and exercises for the fascia are also on the programme. You will learn how important it is to stretch extensively before training. The workshop aims to improve your strength, balance, stability, flexibility and stamina. Your body awareness will be trained and your fitness improved. With this session you will start your day at TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA warmed up and well stretched!

Please bring your own yoga mat.