Monica Gomis

7. – 11. August
16.30 – 18.30 H
Studio A
All Levels
In English/German


Pilates strengthens your muscles and makes your body flexible. It promotes agility, has a positive effect on the nervous system and contributes to mental relaxation. The focus is on the healthy strengthening of the deep-lying as well as the superficial abdominal and back muscles. All this leads physically and mentally to a positive inner attitude.

The dancer and choreographer Monica Gomis has long been active in the Munich dance scene and internationally with various projects of her own. Since 2016, she has been teaching Pilates in her Munich studio and is the founder of MOMAX PILATES®, an advancement of classical Pilates teaching towards a medically based training method. From prevention to rehabilitation, MOMAX PILATES® is a holistic approach to physical and mental health.

Monica teaches a progressive workout that integrates health-related elements from physiotherapy and osteopathy to dance and sports. Noticeable results include: strengthening of the pelvic muscles, increased spinal health through activation of deep muscles, improved posture and mobility of the shoulder and hip joints, strengthening of muscles, optimization of movement patterns, improved body awareness and reduction of tension.

Please bring your own yoga mat.