Omar Rajeh

August 1 – 5
11.30 – 16.00 H
Studio B
In English


Lebanese choreographer and dancer Omar Rajeh is founder of the Beirut International Platform of Dance (BIPOD); he is currently working between Beirut and Lyon. In his choreographic works, he questions the perception of unity and singularity of the body, seeking an extraordinary physical presence through vigorous movements with strong socio-political connections.
Omar‘s lab is designed to bring a new approach of looking at the body and for acquiring new choreographic tools that help the artists in their creative processes. His approach facilitates infinite levels of meaning and it breaks through the centrality of the body and frees it from its static form. The body develops interactive relationships that give it dynamism, presence and meaning. It highlights the different possibilities, combinations and inner relationships of a composition. Omar opens up a broader perspective of choreography and dance based on the inner impulses of the body, not on its purely physical form. Movement becomes an urgency for being and for generating meaning. The body is rather in the doing than in the showing.