1st round 2019

Theatre Guest Performances
January 15, 2019

Dance Guest Performances
January 31, 2019

International Dance Guest Performances
January 31, 2019

Dance Coproductions
January 31, 2019



1,3 Mio. Euro
for the dance!

On November 8, 2018, the Budget Committee of the German Bundestag released funds of up to EUR 1.3 million for the continuation and strengthening of the Internationalisation Initiative for Dance. This success is the result of the close dialogue between Michael Freundt (Dachverband Tanz Deutschland) and Walter Heun (NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ) with the Minister of State for Culture, Prof. Monika Grütters MdB, and the two rapporteurs in the Budget Committee of the German Bundestag, Patricia Lips MdB (CDU) and Johannes Kahrs (SPD).

We are pleased that with this decision the two international funding models of the NPN can be continued and further strengthened for the next 3 years!

After the Tanzplattform is before the Tanzplattform!

We are looking forward to host the next edition of TANZPLATTFORM DEUTSCHLAND 2020 in Munich and are happy to announce that the new jury is set and ready to start its work: Honne Dohrmann (Mainz), Gurur Ertem (Istanbul), Ingrida Gerbutavičiūtė (Frankfurt am Main & Vilnius), Anna Mülter (Berlin & Düsseldorf), Walter Heun (Munich).



This year's edition for 10 days again, brought together choreographers, professional and amateur dance enthusiasts from throughout the world in Munich! The team of JOINT ADVENTURES thanks everyone who took part turning the past 2 weeks into a crazy good time: Quim Bigas, Hildegard De Vuyst, Willi Dorner, Veronica Fischer, Sabine Glenz, Stephan Herwig, Louise Lecavalier, Jan Martens, Henry Montes, Charlie Morrissey, Bosmat Nossan, Zsuzsa Rószavölgyi, Virginie Roy, Noé Soulier, Daphne Strothmann, Louise Vanneste, Kris Verdonck, Katja Wachter & Chiang-Mei Wang, as well as all the workshop participants – see you next year!