What to do if guest performances already approved for funding are cancelled due to the coronavirus

The current situation presents us all with completely new challenges and has significant impact, particularly in the cultural sector, which must be considered on an individual basis. Within the framework of NATIONALES PRFORMANCE NETZ (NPN), we receive numerous inquiries regarding the legal consequences of the cancellation of already approved guest performances due to the coronavirus.

Please note that you are required to comply with your obligations towards us if you receive funding within the framework of the NPN! Guest performance cancellations or changes due to the special situation because of the corona virus must be carried out as early as possible and we must be informed.

We are in contact with the federal government and the ministries of culture and art of the federal states about the following possibilities for guest performances that have already been approved and we are trying to find appropriate arrangements:

The guest performance is cancelled, but should be postponed to a later date: At the moment we are checking with  the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the Departments of Culture and Arts of the German federal states until when and to what extent the funding period can be prolonged, so that guest performances that have already been approved and cancelled due to Corona can be realized at another time.

The guest performance will be cancelled, but the fee or expenses will still be paid to the artists/company: We will check this on a case-by-case basis, but will endeavour to ensure that unavoidable costs already made can be subsidised in proportion to the contractually agreed percentage of the grant for the benefit of the artist(s) and the company. The fee does not lie below the NPN minimum wage scale.

The guest performance will be cancelled and realized in another format (e.g. as a live stream or upload of a video documentation of the piece intended for the performance): Here, too, we are examining the continuation of funding by the NPN on an individual basis.

Please contact the colleague at JOINT ADVENTURES responsible for the respective NPN funding programme by e-mail if you have any questions in the event of coronavirus-related guest performance cancellations or project changes, as we are currently working fully and intensively in our home office.


The 2nd grant for all NPN funds will take place regularly. Please note that within the current restrictions to contain the coronavirus from the public sector, there are contract restrictions. This means that no applications can be submitted for projects that are in the restricted period at the time of application.

Stay healthy and be mindful towards your fellow people!