Veronica Fischer
“Somatic Training”

August 1 – 5
9.30 – 11.00 H
Studio A
In English/German


In this workshop, Munich Feldenkrais expert Veronica Fischer offers somatic movement practice specifically for dancers. Based on the evolutionary development of movement, flowing connections of primary and original movement patterns emerge: pulsing and breathing, bending and stretching, wavy movements and spiralling twists. The focus of this course is on slow movement sequences felt from within. The aim is to better understand one's own organism and to organise it functionally and dynamically with the help of its regulatory systems (the autonomous nervous system and the fascia matrix).

Veronica has been teaching Feldenkrais, yoga and bodywork for over 30 years. With beWEGen she has developed a profound bodywork that understands the origin of human movement in the evolutionary process. In her teaching she combines her knowledge as a body therapist and Feldenkrais teacher with her experience as a dancer and yoga practitioner.

This course can be supported by your health insurance. Please bring your own yoga mat.