Ceren Oran
“Just Dance”

August 7 – 11
16.30 – 18.30 H
Studio E
In English/German


Ceren Oran is a choreographer, who was busy with the question “why do we dance?” and researched for a long period different motivations of humans for dancing. Now she twists this question to ask: “Why don’t we dance?” and invites everyone, who would like to explore the joyful, touching and contagious effect of contemporary dance to her workshop: JUST DANCE. 

Ceren‘s workshop aims to build skills by exploring the concepts of space, levels, time and energy as they relate to dance. The participants will get connected with their unique bodies and different physical qualities as a strong form of expression. Each one will also gain knowledge in contemporary dance fundamentals, beginning with structured exercises that will ultimately allow all participants the freedom to improvise and partner with one another and as an individual.

Ceren is a dancer, choreographer and soundpainter. For her own projects she has worked with various multidisciplinary artists. Since 2010, she started creating performances for young audiences. Since 2014 she is based in Munich and in 2021 she founded her dance company: Ceren Oran & Moving Borders. In 2022, she received the „Förderpreis Tanz“ by the City of Munich. Her works are touring internationally.