Charlie Morrissey
„Contact Improvisation“

August 1 – 5
11.30 – 13.00 H
Studio D
In English


This training focuses on being and moving with another person. It is about the ways in which moving with another person can be a way to notice that movement is always relational, and those relationships provide a constant stream of information about ourselves in action. The class plays with ideas and experiences of proximity and touch, materiality, and motion.

Charlie Morrissey has been working with movement for over 30 years as a teacher, performer and director. His practice is informed by working relationships with artists including Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson, Scott Smith, Becky Edmunds, Siobhan Davies, Andrea Buckley, Rosemary Butcher, K. J.Holmes, Kirstie Simson, Karen Nelson, Katye Coe and many others.

The training is part of the Dance Academy Camp SOLID GROUND – CHALLENGING SPACE. Interested professional dancers and performers can take part in this course. The number of spots is limited.