Susanne Schneider
“Move & Groove – Contemporary Dance for Beginners“

August 5 - 9
9.30 – 11.30 H
Studio C
In English/German


Susanne Schneider works as a freelance dancer with renowned ensembles and artists such as CocoonDance, Overhead Project, Özlem Alkis and Stephan Herwig. Dance education, which she sees as essential for dance as an art form, is the focus of her work.

In her workshop, she explores the body in its sensual and physical dimensions together with the participants. Various possibilities of physical presence in movement are discovered and made conscious. In addition to the sensory experience, the focus is also on an awareness in dance that includes aspects such as strength, coordination, mobility, rhythm, playing with gravity, muscle tone and different qualities of movement.

Each workshop unit combines set exercises, movement improvisations and movement sequences. There will be phases of concentration and letting go, with the participants immersing themselves in detailed work as well as letting the music guide them as they explore, discover and simply dance.

Susanne Schneider studied contemporary dance at the HfMT Cologne and completed her Master in Contemporary Dance Education at the HfMDK Frankfurt. Her movement practice is influenced by movement and somatic techniques such as Counter Technique, Release Technique, acrobatics, breakdance, BMC, Feldenkrais, Ideokinesis and Klein Technique as well as by various choreographic languages and her own anatomical limits. With formats such as her "Physical Introduction" and "Physical Traces", she opens up sensory access to the audience before and after dance performances. She teaches professional and less experienced dancers and offers projects with a focus on kinaesthetic empathy.