NEUSTART KULTUR, a program of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, supports the preservation of cultural life in Germany under the substantial restrictions and financial burdens due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The program aims to strengthen and adapt the cultural infrastructure in Germany as a basis for maintaining artistic work. It also supports artistic production itself and the development of new programs and projects. Overall, the program is intended to help cultural life to continue to prosper, to provide people with cultural and artistic offerings, and thus to ensure social communication and intellectual exchange.

The federal program NEUSTART KULTUR, which complements corresponding measures by the federal states, is subdivided into individual programs that have been developed to meet the specific needs of the indiviual sectors or branches. NPN-STEPPING OUT is part of the program “Hilfsprogramm Tanz”.

NPN-STEPPING OUT is intended to (re-)develop non-theatrical, analog, media and digital public spaces, as well as performative settings and fields of action for dance that are still to be thought of or invented, in order to expand the ways in which dance can be presented, which have been restricted by the Corona pandemic, and thus to continue artistic practice and occupation. Besides, the re-editing of works – originally meant to be performed on stage – for a performance in public and/or digital spaces can also be funded.


> February 28, 2022 (5th round, remaining funds)

The application form will be online end of January.

Who is eligible to apply?

The following are entitled to apply: individual artists, dance teachers, dance ensembles, collectives, production centers, venues, festivals, production offices and dance networks, natural and legal persons with headquarters or a residence (in the case of natural people) in Germany that are not significantly publicly funded or supported with a percentage of public funds that is less than 50%.

The project will be primarily worked on/ realized in Germany.

The project can be assigned to one of the four fields of support.

The applicant contributes at least 10% of his/her own means or third-party means (also in material value). Justified exceptions are possible.

Project period of the 5th round: March 1st – December 31, 2022.


The minimal support sum for an application should, as a rule, be EUR 10.000,- and cannot exceed the maximum sum of EUR 50.000,- per project.

How to apply?

JOINT ADVENTURES – Walter Heun is responsible for the support models’ administration. This is where all applications must be sent on time and will be reviewed. A jury of experts makes the final decisions.

Please include the following documents as PDF’s with the completed application and send them all only electronically via E-mail before the deadline to:

- Application: completed original document as a scanned PDF with signature by hand

- Description of the project (long version); a maximum of 2 DIN A4 pages (see point 5 of the application form)

- Detailed cost and financing plan (Please note that the form contains two spreadsheets, both of which must be completed in the case of non-cash personal contributions, see binding template  “Accounting Template” under Downloads)

- If applicable, abstract from the trade register excerpt/ associations register (if possible no older than one year)

- If applicable, articles of association/ partnership agreement/ constituent documents or similar documents

- If applicable, proof of the right to representation for the signatory (letter of attorney)


To correctly fill out the form, please use the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and note that the form must be saved on your computer before you complete it. 

Application form

Application & project execution information

Accounting template

NPN credit statement

Request for payment

Source and disposition statement

Instructions source and disposition statement

Numerical proof

Time sheet template



credit statment

The credit statement, with all logos (NPN, NEUSTART KULTUR & BKM), must be placed at a visible location and sized so as to be easily legible. The correct listing in all publications (print and online) is an indispensable requirement for support and a part of the support contract. Abbreviations of this statement are not permitted! The credit statement and the logos must always be listed.

NPN credit statement

NPN logo jpg

NPN logo eps



BKM logo png

BKM logo eps


Fields of support

In the context of NPN-STEPPING OUT, projects can be applied for in the following four fields of support:

Field of support 1

Planning and realizing individual artistic projects that implement temporary presentation spaces (public): performative choreographic practices (e.g. performances, performative workshop concepts or similar projects) are realized in spaces such as museums, parks, parking houses, public squares, facades, etc. (while abiding by the security regulations applicable at the respective date at the location of realization). The re-edition or adaption of works originally proudced for a stage can also be considered for the performance in public space.

Field of support 2

Artistic projects that explore new paths of recording, projection and distribution (public and non-public): e.g. the implementation of 360° cameras, surveillance technologies, drones, virtual reality/ augmented reality technologies, public screenings, radio, film, among others. The re-edition or adaption of works originally proudced for a stage can also be considered for the performance in digital or public space.

Field of support 3

Education programs, web-based seminars or similar discourse formats (public and non-public).

Field of support 4

Conceptual plans for projects that are intended to be realized in an analog, media or digital space at a later time (non-public).


Janett Metzger

Advice on how to apply
Projects rounds 1 – 3
(Application deadlines 10.08.2020, 15.09.2020 & 15.01.2021)

+49 89 189 31 37 50


Laura Harzer
Administrative Staff

Projects round 4
(Application deadlines 01.10.2021)
Source and disposition statements

+49 89 189 31 37 14


Sophia Schumann
Administrative Staff

Projects round 4
(Application deadline 01.10.2021)

+49 89 189 31 37 11


Mirko Hecktor / Mira Sacher
Social Media

+49 89 189 31 37 16


Sabine Leucht

Critique (Bavaria)


Sven Till

Artistic director fabrik Potsdam (Brandenburg)


Christian Watty

Artistic director euro-scene Leipzig (Saxony)

Funded projects

To make visible what an enormous range of extraordinary projects has been developed and is still developing as part of NPN-STEPPING OUT, we have created a digital bulletin board that will constantly grow. Among the funded projects, there are choreographies for avatars, digital archives, an audio performance, dances taking place in multiple locations around the world simultaneously, and events that are being brought out of the digital back into real space. As diverse as the stories are – told with the help of zoom, 360° cameras, motion capture, drones, mixed reality, public screenings, radio, cinema, video and sound – the focus remains almost always on the encounter between people, regardless of any physical or geographical boundaries.



JOINT ADVENTURES – Walter Heun/ NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ, Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e.V. and the non-profit cultural organization Diehl+Ritter are with their together developed and coordinated federal dance support program part of the rescue initiative “NEUSTART KULTUR” of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM). The 20 million EUR aid program for the German dance scene is coordinated with current and new federal and state funding initiatives in such a way that the programs complement each other but avoid overcompensation.

In addition to NPN-STEPPING OUT, the concept provides for the implementation of two further programs. Applicants with an identical project cannot apply for funding from more than one of the programs.

DIS-TANZEN – a sholarship program for solo self-employed dancers and an impulse support model for dance schools and dance education in cultural institutions


TANZPAKT RECONNECT  – this program strengthens and secures the future of dance structures.